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Video Date Duration
2012 Healthy Living Expo  Aug 08, 2012 00m 29s
Garland Summit Promo  Jul 23, 2012 02m 41s
Council Candidate Forum  Apr 12, 2012  
Seeds of a Better Tomorrow  Mar 01, 2012 14m 38s
Mayor’s State-of-the-City  Feb 27, 2012 34m 56s
District Update with Rick Williams  Dec 13, 2011 18m 45s
District Update with Jim Cahill  Dec 13, 2011 20m 16s
District Update with Douglas Athas  Nov 08, 2011 35m 30s
District Update with Laura Perkins Cox  Nov 08, 2011 31m 21s
District Update with Preston Edwards  Oct 11, 2011 15m 03s

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